Being Alone on Valentine’s Day: I Promise, IT’S OK


You won’t die. It’s not the end of the world, but I know it feels like it.

I get it. This day might even cause you to become depressed every year.

This year, let’s change that.


You are still worthy. 

You are not worthless. 

You have love, because you love yourself.


I know, it sucks because you might want to know what it feels like to be spoiled on this day. Or maybe, you just would like to know what it feels like to be acknowledged and told that you are beautiful. Sure, you can take yourself on a date and get all dressed up, but you’d want to know the feeling of having someone else to appreciate it and share it with.

I get that, too.

This isn’t your typical, feel-good post about how “loving yourself will cure all wounds,” because even though that is true, nobody really wants to hear that. It is okay to want to be loved. It is okay to want to be wanted. I understand, if no one else in your life does.

However, what this post is about – is accepting your reality. If you are single right now, then you have to accept it. You have to find PEACE with it. You cannot let your singleness consume you and cause you sadness.

The sadness won’t get you what you want. 

Find the strength to smile, in spite of not having all the things that you want.

Whether you have to pray on it, meditate or just process your thoughts – you must accept your reality. Lastly, do NOT let your singleness own you. Do NOT let it dictate your happiness.

That is the key to enjoying Valentine’s Day, whether you will be with someone or not.

You might be alone tomorrow, but you don’t have to be lonely


– Until next time… ❤ 


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